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Zitate [US-Stand]

Beitrag von ∞Lena∞ »

Weil ich mich bei "Chuck" regelmäßig wegschmeißen könnte, dachte ich, wir könnten mal ne kleine Zitatsammlung erstellen - ich hab nämlich trotz mehrmaligem Anschauen bei der Gagdichte bestimmt noch den ein oder anderen Lacher verpasst! :)

Ich fang mal an:

Chuck (zu Sarah): "You're SOO pretty!"
Chuck (zu Casey): "And Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself!"
(Chuck versus the truth)

Captain Awesome: "Chuck, can I talk to you for a moment?"
Chuck: "Awesome ...äh ... to see you, Devon"
(Chuck vs. the Marlin)

Sarah: "Stay in the car!"
Chuck: "My four favourite words..."
(Chuck vs the Helicopter)

Chuck: "Sorry about the whole..."
Casey: "... killing my car thing?"
(Chuck vs the Crown Vic)

Chuck: "You know, if I had a blog, this would be a really big day for me."
(Chuck vs the Truth)

Casey: "This is how this is gonna work. I'm gonna go over there, rescue Sarah, capture Dr. Zarno, shoot anybody who gets in my way. You, you're gonna stay here."
Chuck: "So in this plan I basically do nothing?"
Casey: "Yup."
Chuck: "Let's do this."
(Chuck vs the Helicopter)

La Ciudad: "I think your hand is supposed to be on my hip."
Chuck: "Right. Apparently I learned the girls’ part of this dance.Would you mind leading?"
(Chuck vs the Tango)

Chuck: "I'm sorry guys. And Anna."
Anna: "'Guys' is fine, I don't mind."
Chuck: "No, it's not right, we need to come up with something non-gender-specific. How do we feel about 'team'?"
Anna: "The little Nerd-Herders?"
Larry: "Chuck's Stable of Hos?"
(Chuck vs. the Tango)

Casey: "You! What do I have to do to get timely intel out of you, Bartowski?"
Chuck: "Look, I briefed Sarah last night, alright?"
Casey: "Aww, bet you did, slugger."
Chuck: "I thought we were all supposed to be part of the same team here, huh? Team Chuck?"
Casey: "We are, but I'm starting to feel like the guy that always gets picked last. I don't like feeling like Team Chuck's little fat kid!"
(Chuck vs. the Sandworm)

Ellie: "Words taste like peaches..."
(Chuck vs the Truth)

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Re: Zitate

Beitrag von manila »

lena3007 hat geschrieben:Chuck (zu Sarah): "You're SOO pretty!"
Chuck (zu Casey): "And Casey, your jaw was chiseled by Michelangelo himself!"
Ohhhh ja, das ist einer der absoluten Hammersätze :D

#1.07 ist die neueste Episode meines Reruns, daher mal daraus ein paar Hammersprüche:

Chuck: (Leaving Lou a message) I know I was a jerk the other night, which I am fully ready to blame on the alcohol or global warming or my allergy to neon... (Sees Casey approaching) So uh, call me, buh bye. (To Casey) Thanks a lot! You made me give her a buh-bye!

Casey: (Hands Chuck a red rose) Aren't you forgetting something, Romeo?
Chuck: Oh-hoh, of course. Let me guess: this is equipped with some kind of microscopic, infrared tracking device that determines... her mother's Communist affiliations?
Casey: No, idiot. It's so you can get laid.

Chuck: We're on our second date and I'm already lying to her.
Casey: Relax, it's LA, everyone lies while dating.

Casey bringt sowieso immer die genialsten Sprüche!
"There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."


Re: Zitate

Beitrag von ∞Lena∞ »

Nachdem in #2.09 mal wieder so tolle Dialoge drin waren, muss ich dieses Thema mal wiederbeleben... :D

Jeff: "(snatching up the customer comment card and shouting) Four stars! I just kissed your ass for four lousy stars! What do you people want from me? Just spit in my face next time."
Morgan: "Hey Jeff. How's it going man? You alright?"
Jeff: "I think I'm getting the hang of this customer service thing."

Bennett: "This is a special lesson. How to kill a man with honor. It will happen very quickly."
Chuck: "Eye of the Tiger, buddy."
Casey: "Shut up, Chuck."

Beckman: "So Bennett got away. Again. If you don't mind me asking, where was the Intersect during all of this?"
Chuck: "Well, technically, I was in Bennett's trunk, so I didn't see anything that happened but it sounded very exciting."

Devon: "Hey Lester, have you seen Chuck?"
Lester: "Maybe."
Devon: "So is he around?"
Lester: "Could be."
Devon: "Can you find him for me?"
Lester: "Yeah, sure, I could, but wouldn't it be more fulfilling for you if you did it yourself? Yeah. Look, I'm so sorry, it's this stupid store contest. I can help you but do me a solid and do not mention it on this card. Yes? Thank you buddy."

Casey: "You need a little break, Bartowski?"
Chuck: "Yeah, that'd be nice. I mean finding out Jill was Fulcrum was a bit of a shock to the system, you know. I guess I wouldn't mind some time to sort out my feelings."
Casey: "Sure thing, Chuck. I just call all the criminals, rogues, spies, and let them know to hold on a sec 'cause Chuck Bartowski needs some time to sort out his lady feelings."


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