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[Spoiler] Staffel 2

Verfasst: 09.09.2008, 08:44
von ladybird
Postet hier alle Spoiler zur 2. Staffel. :)
Do you have more news about my favorite show, Chuck? Thanks!
A character who's been a part of the show since the very beginning will die in the season premiere. Any guesses? In other scoop from the Chuck wagon, you may find yourself crying when one of our favorite couples splits up. (Or maybe I'm just a softie?) And a certain Nerd Herder may be up for a field-agent position. Hmmm...

Welches Paar sich wohl trennen wird? :?:

Re: Spoiler Season 2

Verfasst: 09.09.2008, 16:22
von aceman™
Chuck und Sarah sind ja kein Paar. Chuck und Morgan schon eher. Außerdem wären da noch Ellie und Mr. Awsome. Ich tippe auf Anna & Morgan. Oder doch Jeff & Lester? Ich denke, dass jemand aus dem "Buy More" sterben muss. Mein Gefühl sagt, dass es Anna sein wird.

Re: Spoiler Season 2

Verfasst: 30.09.2008, 08:44
von ladybird
Neues von E!Online.
Riley in Dexter, Maine: Chuck comes back tonight! Tell me you have some scoop!
Chuck and Sarah are in for a roller coaster this season: They get together because they think Chuck is going to be free, they flirt with third parties (her ex-BF and his ex-roomie Bryce Larkin and Melinda Clarke as foreign operative Sasha Banacheck), and then they realize that there's no getting out of it: Sarah has to be Chuck's protector and not girlfriend. Wahh! Also, Lester (Vik Sahay) operates like a crack-addled Dwight Schrute when he becomes assistant manager of Buy More, and it's pretty funny...

Re: Spoiler Season 2

Verfasst: 06.10.2008, 20:38
von manila
Cooles Interview mit dem Cast (außer Yvonne), das nur geringe Spoiler beinhaltet: Klick! Sehenswert!